Driver Diagrams

Driver Diagrams

Driver Diagrams

A driver diagram is a visual tool that assists to plan and structure your improvement project. It will help you understand the logic of your project and where you are going with your improvement initiative. It is a living document that can be updated at every team meeting where drivers and change concepts can be discussed and agreed upon.

Driver Diagrams traditionally rely on lines and colors to define the relationships between the drivers. We believe this approach can lead to a busy diagram where the links get lost. On top of that, using colors for any kind of identifier is not suggested as some colors may not be easily distinguishable.

Aimi Analytics Driver Diagrams use visual aids to assist in establishing relationships between driver cards. With the Highlighted and Filtered Views, this makes it easier to quickly follow the relation paths.

Unique approach to Driver Diagrams

Highlighted View

Once you pick an icon for the drivers, it is very easy to get see what is connected to what. This view highlights the associated drivers so the connections stand out visually.

Highlighted Drivers to see the connected drivers along with others

Filtered View

The filtered view hides the irrelevant drivers so you get a complete and uncluttered view of the connections.

Filtered Drivers to see the connected drivers only

Easily Manage Drivers

Manage driver cards

Manage each driver on a very easy to use editing panel. Change the color, pick an icon and easily connect to "child" drivers, and change as often as required.