Fishbone Diagrams

Ishikawa Fishbone Diagrams

Quick and Intuitive Fishbone Diagrams

No need to struggle with drawing, aligning the lines and the text in drawing applications. Build your fishbone as a tree-view on the left, easily move nodes around with drag and drop and Aimi Analytics will automatically draw the fishbone diagram.

Editing is a breeze with our user interface.

Fishbone example


Collaboration is usually done via email where information can get lost and is hard to find leading to your inbox being overwhelmed with old messages. This is especially true for Excel add-ins as it is the only way to share information for these applications.

Leave inbox clutter behind as each user can go into the charts (provided that they have access to it) and comment, leave a message, feedback or ask questions leading to a collaboration. As all material is in one place, this makes it easier to find relevant information.

Collaborate using the Comments section at the bottom of each chart and project subsection