Complete improvement journey with Aimi

Research Projects

Start by researching an improvement project to test if it is required and feasible. Start a project directly from project research and document the whole path of the improvement.

Aimi Projects

All improvement projects consist of an Aimi Charter or Parent Charter. A Parent Charter is for complex improvement projects that can have multiple Aimi Charters. Aimi has the flexibility to suit the needs of the project.

PDSA Cycles

Collect Data. Test. Implement. These three types of PDSA Cycles in Aimi help the project move forward implementing the Model for Improvement. Collect data to gather information. Test predictions. Run an implementation PDSA Cycle to test the implementation itself.

Aimi makes it possible to see the whole evolution of the PDSA Cycle from Data Collection to Implementation.

Spread Improvements

Do not waste time and energy by running the same type of tests in different parts or departments of the organization. Spread tried and tested improvements throughout the organization with Aimi Change Packages.