Intuitive, Powerful and Easy to Use

Easy to Use

  • No external applications, no more calls to IT Support.
  • Windows, Linux, Mac, Tablet. Doesn't matter. Runs in any modern browser.
  • Export charts to various image formats. Share in presentations, documents and meetings.
  • Multiple dashboards per user. Private or public.
  • Collaborate on charts. All communication in one place.
  • Mark all special causes like a pro.
  • Add Phases for process changes. Extend last phase control limits to new data.
  • No need to learn complicated math or struggle with formulas. Change chart characteristics using the settings panel.
  • Updated and improved frequently to include the latest developments.
Exponential Chart example showing COVID-19 Analysis

Intuitive and Familiar Interface

  • Powerful spreadsheet interface for data entry. Use Excel formulas in the columns for calculations.
  • Copy/paste or import data from Excel, Google Sheets or your favorite application.
  • One spreadsheet with multiple charts to group related data.
  • Need annotations? No problem: Just add a column called Notes and start typing. ^
  • Need to ghost a point? No worries: Add an asterisk (*) followed by any Notes you may want to add. ^
  • Process Capability Calculations when the process is stable. ^^
  • Collaborate with other users.
  • Defining Phases, extending limits and more are controlled by a simple settings panel that can be customized for each sheet. ^
  • Data History for quickly rolling back to the previous data version.

^ Not applicable to Pareto Charts, Run Charts, Scatterplots and Histograms. ^^ Only applicable to Xbar R and Xbar S charts.

Intuitive and familiar user interface using spreadsheets for data entry, ghosting points and annotations.