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Renowned Improvement Scientists

Authors of “The Improvement Guide” and
"Transforming Health Care Leadership"

Creators of the Model for Improvement

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80% of projects completed within 4-6 months

Improvement teams using AimiHub complete 80% of projects in 4-6 months (if meeting weekly).

Actionable Charters

Charters are generated by answering research questions following the tried and tested Model for Improvement. Complex or Small Charters are easily created from questions.

Collaborative Learning

Unlimited dashboards and our collaboration center, Huddle, make tracking and sharing easy in AimiHub.

Self-Documenting Projects

Team documentation is created by answering a few questions and sharable reports are generated automatically saving teams hours.

Complete Projects. Learn. Spread the Knowledge.

  • How many improvement teams are you running?
  • How long does it historically take to complete an improvement project?
  • How much time is spent documenting and writing reports?
  • How transparent is the progress of your teams?
  • How easy is it to share and spread the improvements?

Traditionally, Quality Improvement (QI) teams meet once a month.

We suggest that teams meet more often and do not need to have long meetings if using AimiHub.

The reports and documentation are automated without putting extra burden on team members.

AimiHub is the first and only platform to enable your projects to become learning and collaboration hubs for the whole organization with a proven improvement methodology.

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projects completed within 4-6 months

Increase Internal Improvement Capability

AimiHub provides the environment that enables internal capability for improvement and minimizes the dependence on Improvement Experts.

One Improvement Advisor or Black Belt can now manage more projects, where multiple resources would have been needed in the past.

IT / Software

Compatible with Agile practices such as Scrum and Kanban.


QI projects that use the Model for Improvement are right at home with AimiHub.


Using Six Sigma, Lean, Lean Six Sigma or something else? No problem, we got you covered.

Professional Services

Whether it is Logistics or accounting, AimiHub is there to accelerate the innovation and the learning.

Many uses. One Hub.

AimiHub is being used by many organizations worldwide.

Reduce time, money and effort required on QI projects no matter what your industry.

The platform helps internal champions to emerge and complements the services of the existing professionals.

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