AimiHub Parent Project Charter
AimiHub Aimi Project Charter

Project Assessment, Aimi and Parent Projects

AimiHub Charters

View all important aspects of improvement projects in one place. Charters make sure that everyone is on the same page and see the current status of the project they are working on.

With 2 different project types (Parent and Aimi Project) and their assessments every aspect is covered. It is easy to switch project types without losing any information.

AimiHub Sponsor Report

Sponsor Reports

Provide a quick snapshot of the project along with the learnings from PDSA Cycles and requests from sponsor(s).

A Sponsor Report helps with the communication between the team and the sponsor, and makes sure everyone involved is on the same page.

AmiHub Meeting Agenda

Actionable Meetings

Keep meeting notes all in one place. Create the meeting agenda from the previous meeting's To-Do list with only a click, saving a lot of time. It's all about documenting and making sure that the information is not lost. This helps build organizational memory.

PDSA Cycle Reports

PDSA Cycles, project charters can be exported as PDF files and charts, flowcharts and diagrams can be exported to various image formats for easy sharing and collaboration. Share your findings with sponsors or ad hoc team members effortlessly.

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