Quick, easy dashboards.

As many as you need.

AimiHub Dashboards


Add charts, projects, charters to dashboards. Get a list of the current projects, charts, collaboratives, and more on the dashboard to access them with only a click. There are no limits on the number of dashboards you can create or how many items a dashboard can contain.

  • Easily add charts, projects or collaboratives to dashboards.
  • Create multiple dashboards for grouping different projects.
  • All dashboard widgets are automatically updated.
  • Make dashboards Public (default) or Private.
  • Customize each dashboard.


Add as many charts as you wish to a dashboard or create dashboards specific to certain projects and add as many charts as you need. The dashboards are flexible, however it works for you.

Track all your project's data easily from one place.

Project Snapshots

Easily track the progress of your projects.

It is always possible to drill down into a project or collaborative for a more detailed look.

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