Learn the Science of Improvement

AimiHub lays the foundation by including eBooks, videos and courses about the Science of Improvement and the Model for Improvement in Aimi Academy. The academy also has an extensive list of recommended books for further reading.

  • Learn about the components of a Learning Organization using Aimi Academy
  • Extensive reading list and blogs help with further learning
  • Actionable learning and engagement by putting theory to immediate execution
  • Admin reports on Academy course progress

Collect Information. Analyze. Share.

Data Analysis

Collect, analyze and learn from data with AimiHub's statistical (SPC) engine using Shewhart Charts, Histograms, Paretos and Scatterplot Graphs.

Organizing Information

Collect and organize the latest knowledge to adopt a systems approach and understand interrelationships to make informed decisions.

Flowcharts and Diagrams

Build and understand your system by mapping your processes and study how they are connected.

Collect Data

Collect information through surveys and forms and store in AimiHub for analysis in various formats.


Create as many dashboards as you need all at your fingertips.

Organization Viewed as a System

All work is a process and those processes are interconnected.

A learning organization requires a transformation from viewing the organization as a bureaucratic hierarchy of people reporting to each other to a system where customer is the focus of the system.

The system map in AimiHub helps everyone to view the processes within the organization and how they link together to achieve the purpose.

Ultimately, the success of an organization will depend on this interaction rather than the performance of the individual components.

  • Have as many system maps as necessary - macro, micro or meso level
  • Define areas where changes need to be tested
  • Define and easily view links between processes
  • View the impact of the changes on other parts of the system

Research. Test. Implement. Spread.

Research Projects

Research a project's feasibility and decide whether to proceed or not. AimiHub will create the project for you from the documented research information.

Aimi Projects

The bread and butter of quality improvement projects using the Model for Improvement. Accelerate innovation and improvement.

Parent Projects

Multiple projects may be needed for testing a complex change. Easily track complex improvement initiatives.


Create the environment for teams from different organizations, institutions or even departments to work together, learn from each other and achieve sustainable improvement and change.

PDSA Cycles

AimiHub is the only platform that houses PDSA Cycles for Data Collection, Test and Implementation and takes the PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) cycles to the next level.

Spread Improvements

Create Implementation Checklists and Change Packages to share with the whole organization so the improvements can be implemented rapidly without re-inventing the wheel.

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