Why do projects take so long?

80% of projects finish within 4-6 months with AimiHub
(teams meeting weekly)


Weeks Lost

due to team members being unable to dedicate sufficient time to the project

Weeks of Delay

added by Senior Executives by failing to address resistance to change or delays in providing data, analysis time and access to needed information

Weeks Added

as teams have to meet with senior management multiple times week after week for clarification due to a vague mission statement and purpose


Weeks Wasted

due to a lack of pre−measurement criteria that resulted from teams developing measures before collecting required data

21 weeks wasted

(average per project)

Managing individual and team efforts to ensure effective and efficient execution of improvement projects enables a faster turn-around.

Research has been done on the time spent by improvement teams and it was discovered that only about one third of the time was put to good use, while two-thirds of the time was wasted. The management team was responsible for about 50% of the time wasted.

This waste of time amounted to approximately 21 weeks and the biggest contributors can be seen on the right.

Adapted from Quality Management - Blitz Teams by A. Blanton Godfrey


Eliminate weeks of wasted time.
Now that's Lean.


Engagement and Internal Capability

Extend the reach of Black Belts, Improvement Advisors and other improvement and project professionals.


Aimi Academy

The platform to ensure that the learning and training is standardized and consistent.


Learning Organization

Become a learning organization where all the parts interact to achieve the organization's purpose and aim.

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