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Inbox Clutter

Huddle: Team Collaboration

Using email as the primary communication medium for every project or detail leads to a bloated inbox where it becomes harder and harder to find relevant information.

Huddle is where collaboration happens in AimiHub.

Team members can send direct messages, create new huddles or join existing huddles to leave messages, feedback or ask questions on particular projects, reports, PDSA Cycles, and so forth. All of the messages are in a central place where information is easy to find and locate.

By using AimiHub Huddle users stay in the loop, innovate and learn from each other.

Team Engagement

Engaged Teams

Teams are more engaged in AimiHub with Huddle, Sponsor Reports and Meeting Agendas. Having a standardized approach for change management leads to easier learning and spread of improvements.

Communication flow between the Sponsor(s) and the teams are maintained through Sponsor Reports. Each meeting is documented with Meeting Agendas and available for all team members eliminating any uncertainties.

Spreading the changes within the organization to other departments, divisions or teams is very easy with AimiHub Sustainment Plans and Spread Packages.

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