When creating a collaborative environment, the primary challenge is to develop a structure where multiple, independent entities share, learn and cooperate.

AimiHub uses Spread Packages in the Collaboratives. The steps to create and add a Spread Package to your Collaborative is very simple:

  • Complete an improvement project
  • Create a Spread Package based on the completed project
  • Use the newly created Spread Package as a template in your Collaborative
  • Create new projects based on your Spread Package Charter Template in the Collaborative

Collaborate with colleagues working on other projects.

  • Track Projects all at once or one by one
  • Create Collaborative dashboards
  • Manage access to the Collaborative

Kick off

Kick off collaboratives using AimiHub Spread Packages and invite participants. Standardize how every project is run.


All teams and participants learn the Model for Improvement and other concepts from Aimi Academy at their own pace.


Teams test and implement changes and collect data to measure the impact and share their findings.

Model for Improvement

Use the Model for Improvement for collecting data, testing and implementing changes as well as running the projects.

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