Full Improvement Workflow

AimiHub provides guidance every step of the improvement workflow.

Strategic Objectives

Define and map your Strategic Objectives.

Improvement Analysis

Scope projects before you start them and save time and money deciding on the feasibility of the project based on statistical evidence.


Create Recommendations if a project is not feasible.

Improved Communication Flow

Create Charters and spread the knowledge.

Model for Improvement

The objective is to break the paradigm of expecting projects to span one or more years. Scope projects to a manageable and actionable size which can be completed in 100 days when teams are less than 5 and meet weekly for 10-15% of their time, to develop, test and implement changes using statistical evidence.

Understand the current situation, identify present/future issues, problems and needs, define the most important measure to be impacted as well as process and balancing measures.

Improvement Analysis can produce either a Charter or a Recommendation report depending on your needs.

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