Aimi Academy

Aimi Academy is the ultimate place to learn about the Model for Improvement, the Aimi Method as well as how to use AimiHub.

Electronic books, workbooks and booklets, slides, videos and more are on the Aimi Academy for each user to learn the subject they are interested in greater detail at their own pace.

An administrator can easily track which courses are completed by whom, turning Aimi Academy into a Learning Management System.

Aimi Academy Library

Aimi Academy Library has an extensive list of recommended books.

As the books are organized in categories, it is very easy to filter and get the list of books for your interest.

AimiHub Help Widget

Help is only a click away

If you get stuck at any point, do not worry, we have your back.

Whether it is how to enter data, what the special causes are, how to choose the correct chart or any other topic, AimiHub provides extensive help.

We do not have sales people or use external support. When you reach out to us, you will be in touch with people who are involved in the development of AimiHub.

With AimiHub, you are always getting the best advice and information, and in good hands.

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