Powerful, easy to use charts for data analysis

Charts are easy with Aimi. Enter data on the spreadsheet and let Aimi do the hard work for you by calculating the control limits, mark special causes, and annotations. The spreadsheet allows for multiple worksheets, each with different charts giving more control and flexibility.

Shewhart Charts

The Shewhart Chart (aka Control Chart) is the means to operationally define the concept of a stable process. They help us to understand and reduce variation in our processes.

Aimi supports 16 charts and takes care of the math, plotting the data and making statistical calculations as well as pointing out the special causes so you can focus on analyzing the data.


As the world is experiencing a pandemic in 2020, you may have noticed that the data is being reported in data tables or maps generally with cumulative numbers.

Cumulative data “smooths” the variation, but only tells us a picture in time where we have been. When the numbers go up and down, people tend to over-react or under-react. Over-reacting during a pandemic can naturally cause hysteria, or fear of making a critical mistake.

Recently, in a ground-breaking article published in US World Report, API partner, Lloyd Provost et al took COVID-19 death statistics and created a new Exponential Shewhart chart. Aimi has the ability to draw this chart which is used to model the behavior of a contagious disease such as COVID-19.

Scatterplot Graphs

Scatterplot graphs are used to plot data points on a horizontal and a vertical axis in the attempt to show how much one variable is affected by another. Each row in the data table is represented by a marker whose position depends on its values in the columns set on the X and Y axes. Scatterplot graphs are as easy as getting the data in a spreadsheet and let Aimi do the rest.

Help is just a click away

We understand that using the data analysis tools can be a daunting task. Do not worry, Aimi has your back. From how to enter data to what the special causes are, Aimi provides extensive help on how to choose the correct chart, what to do, and how to do it.

Aimi Charts

Here is a complete list of the charts Aimi has for data analysis:

  • C Charts
  • Exponential Control Charts
  • G Charts
  • Histograms
  • Individuals Charts (I or I Mr)
  • np Charts
  • P and P' Charts
  • Pareto Charts
  • Run Charts
  • Scatterplot Graphs
  • T Charts
  • U and U' Charts
  • Xbar R and Xbar S Charts