Managing Data

Data Ownership

You own your data.

Organizations and their users do not have access to other organizations' data unless they were specifically invited by the organization which is the owner of the data.

AimiHub will not publish, sell or distribute your data. In some cases, if we are working with you, we may want to publish a paper or a blog article based on an improvement project or part of an improvement project. In those cases, we will always get your permission first.

Data Protection

AimiHub is hosted on secure servers that comply with a range of information governance (IG) policies, standards and regulations. We use both Microsoft Azure (Azure) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host and store information and their physical protection against environmental risks has been validated by an independent auditor. Both Azure and AWS have been certified as being in compliant with the ISO 27001 best practice standard for information security management.

Additionally access to data is controlled by the applications, such as but not limited to:

  • Access to the AimiHub platform is controlled by a login protected by a password
  • Access to projects in AimiHub can be controlled by the creator or organization administrators
  • Read only users ensure that data can not be changed by everyone
Data Retention

  • In AimiHub, some data is deleted immediately (hard delete) and some data is placed in a "Recycle Bin" (soft delete) where it can be restored by your administrators.
  • If your organizations ceases to use AimiHub, we will start deleting your data after 90 days (cooling off period).