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Why choose us? We believe AimiHub is unique, but we are also aware that you may be looking into other software packages to manage your QI Projects. This page explains the key differences between AimiHub and other software applications.


Other Software

Cut down on project time In AimiHub, teams complete 80% of their projects in less than 6 months. This is huge compared to the traditional timeline of 18-24 months. Other applications may claim the same, however, only AimiHub provides expert guidance based on solid theory and years of experience.
Model for Improvement AimiHub is developed with the creators of the Model for Improvement. Therefore, we are not exaggerating when we say AimiHub is unique. Since AimiHub is designed to increase your organization's internal capability, if your organization uses Model for Improvement, Lean or Six Sigma, you can reap the benefits of using a purpose built change management software application.
Standardized Workflow There is a standardized workflow in AimiHub. Start with an assessment and let AimiHub generate the correct type of project from your assessment. Other applications may let you customize the workflow but this leads to confusion resulting in various teams working independently of each other.

AimiHub's standardized workflow allows teams to work together and be able to compare their work, learn from each other and spread the changes.
PDSA Cycles for data collection, testing and implementation PDSA Cycles are proven to be useful when it comes to testing changes and they are used all over the world. We have only seen a basic implementation of PDSA Cycles in other applications, whereas AimiHub takes them to another level. There are PDSA Cycles in AimiHub for collecting data, testing changes as well as implementations.

AimiHub is the only software that guides you through the PDSA Cycles. Determining the size of the test is as easy as answering 3 simple questions and all the related documents, charts and files are kept in one place. Previous cycle iterations are easy to access and view as each cycle's full history is available at any time.
Collaboratives A collaborative is a joint learning effort that brings together various teams from different organizations or departments to seek improvement in a focused topic area. This focused approach results in collaboration between subject matter and application experts.

In AimiHub, collaboratives are derived from Spread Packages. Teams can easily adapt and share their results. While other applications have collaboratives as well, the main differentiator with us is the use of the Model for Improvement and the guidance AimiHub provides.
Change management Spreading and sustaining the change is one of the most important aspects of any QI project. AimiHub makes this task easier with the Sustainment Plans and Spread Packages. This approach takes the spreading a few steps further than just creating a template out of a successful PDSA Cycle.
Sponsor Reports and documenting meetings Often, there is a communication gap between the Sponsor(s) of the project and the teams. This leads to a waste of time. On top of that, if team meetings are not documented properly, the vague task and operational definitions as well as other missing information can lead to even more wasted time.

AimiHub prevents this by automatically generating a Sponsor Report for the Sponsor(s) where the teams can openly communicate with the Sponsor(s).

Documenting meetings and importing the to-do tasks from the previous meeting (we call them Parking Lots) ensures clear communication and capturing of all of the information. Every meeting agenda includes a section to further improve the meetings.
Statistical data analysis Any good change management software should include a good statistical package where the user can enter data and get the charts they are after without struggling with formulae.

While other applications have statistical packages, you can only use one set of data with a chart at a time. This results in cluttered chart lists making finding the information harder.

AimiHub has a spreadsheet for charts where you can enter data in separate sheets or tabs, just like you would in your favorite spreadsheet application. This allows you to have multiple charts in one data sheet and they can easily be added to any of your dashboards.
Calculate The Right Limits The “moving range” (MR) (the difference between consecutive data values) is the statistic used to determine the common cause variation for an I chart. The rationale for using the moving range to determine the process variation for the I chart is that pairs of consecutive measurements are more likely to be affected by similar causes than are results at other points in time.

Limits should be established on the basis of common cause variation only. Individual moving ranges that are inflated by special causes are screened prior to calculating the limits for the I chart. This minimizes the effect on the limits of special causes on the initial data set.

Alternatively, direct calculation of the standard deviation using all the data causes the limits to be inflated with special causes as well as common cause variation. Beware that various software programs use this inappropriate approach to calculating limits for I charts.^

AimiHub's powerful statistics engine uses the approach that helps to ensure that limits are more useful and practical in application so you may take advantage of opportunities and minimize the loss associated with wrong decisions.
The Health Care Data Guide by Lloyd P.Provost and Sandra K.Murray
Covid-19 Analysis As the world is struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic, a new Shewhart chart has been developed by Lloyd Provost from API . We call these charts Exponential charts and they have been instrumental in analyzing and predicting Covid-19 related data.

AimiHub is the only software of its kind in the world to include these powerful charts. You can read the related paper here.
Fishbones Also known as Ishikawa Charts, fishbones are powerful tools in QI projects to analyze the factors that impact the effect.

As far as we can tell, AimiHub is the only software of its kind to include fishbones reducing the need to use external applications. The intuitive application means you can focus on the analysis.
Diagrams and flowcharts Teams generally use external tools to draw flowcharts and various other diagrams related to their projects. However, this means another dependence on an external tool that needs to be managed.

AimiHub includes a powerful tool that can provide diagramming capabilities in a familiar environment. This means all the flowcharts and diagrams that are related to your projects are in one place.
Failure Mode & Effects Analysis Teams use FMEA to evaluate processes for possible failures and to prevent them by correcting the processes proactively rather than reacting to adverse events after failures have occurred.

Usually, teams or individuals use spreadsheets for this purpose leading to files stored in different locations. Making sure everyone has the same version of the file becomes a real problem that results in more wasted time and frustration.

AimiHub's FMEA tool ensures team engagement, collaboration and learning by keeping all relevant information in one place and reducing the dependence on external tools.
Dashboards Create and share as many dashboards as you need. Charts, projects, research, and collaboratives can all be added to your dashboards. You can customize your dashboards and set them to be your home page.

Comparatively, other applications are usually limited and do not let you create as many dashboards as you need.
Building a Learning Organization AimiHub has all the components necessary to build a learning organization. From Strategic Planning to Tools and Methods that are based on the Science of Improvement, no other software in the world has the same holistic and systematic approach.
Genuine and Knowledgeable No sales people - whether it is for support or for a demo, you will always talk to someone who is involved in the development of AimiHub which means you will always get the best information and advice.

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