Expert Software

AimiHub provides expert guidance and all the components necessary for engaging, collaborative and successful improvement projects.

Actionable Charters

Generated by answering research questions following the Model for Improvement.

Increase Internal Capability

One Improvement Professional or Black Belt can now manage more projects.

Engaged Teams

Easily generated reports and collaboration means more productive and engaged teams.

Improved Communication Flow

Project Sponsors are always up-to-date with Sponsor Reports and customizable dashboards.

The power of the Model for Improvement

As an organization learns and improves it is important to have a common road map to guide these efforts throughout the organization.

AimiHub accelerates innovation and improvement, and is built on the Model for Improvement, a comprehensive framework for learning and making change within an organization.

Project charters in AimiHub help implement the Model for Improvement and assist in team selection, sponsorship, and project management.

Project Assessments

Plan & Define the Project by answering a few questions to understand what is known, the complexity, size (scope) of the project and determine the type of project.

Once the assessment is done and a decision is made to go ahead, AimiHub generates the project automatically cutting down on administrative work and time.

The project assessment and the project are linked together making it easy to see the complete journey of the project.

PDSA Cycles

Developing a plan for a change and criteria to measure improvements leads to the use of the PDSA cycle as an efficient trial and learning methodology.

The PDSA cycle involves four phases:

  •  Plan. The test is developed.
  •  Do. The test is executed, observed, and data is collected.
  •  Study. The data is studied and compared to current knowledge.
  •  Act. Changes are made based on the new knowledge.

AimiHub guides your team through this process making sure that the tests are documented, managed, and the implementations are sustained.

AimiHub Sustainment Plan

Spread Improvements

It is easy to spread improvements to other parts of the organization with AimiHub. Complete your Sustainment Plan and create your Spread Package and you are done!

The project charter and the PDSA Cycles of the Spread Package can be shared and used by other parts of the organization and the relevant data will already be filled in for them.

AmiHub implementation of The Model for Understanding Success in Quality

The odel for nderstanding uccess n uality


The Model for Understanding Success in Quality (MUSIQ) is a framework to determine the viability of Quality Improvement (QI) projects and used to see where further support may be needed to make quality improvement efforts more effective.

AimiHub integrates MUSIQ to assess your projects in several broad categories including the team working on the project, the micro-system in which they function, local QI support and capacity, the organization in which you work, and the environment external to your organization.

Project assessments, projects and collaboratives all have MUSIQ already integrated.

It is possible to compare an Aimi Project's MUSIQ score with its assessment, collaborative or parent project with automatically generated reports.

Change concepts selected for a PDSA Cycle

Change Concepts

AimiHub is focused on developing, testing, implementing, and spreading changes. The Model for Improvement creators have come up with 72 change concepts to assist and group change initiatives.

Change concepts are there to save time, to trigger specific ideas, and innovation. They are an integral part of AimiHub helping you to run effective improvement projects and PDSA Cycles.

Customize AimiHub with custom fields and

Customize Your Projects. Customize Your Workflow.

Customize fields in AimiHub and present the data in a format that works for you. For example, you can change a text box to a dropdown list and specify which options to display.

Customize your workflow by turning approvals on or off for different projects, sponsor reports or PDSA Cycles.

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